Priory Pool

Whilst Priory pool is the venues smallest water of approx ¾ of an acre it is also one of the prettiest surrounded by trees shrubs and vast beds of iris. Often referred to as the crucian pool because it contains lots of pure crucian carp, as well as quality Roach, Rudd and Tench. It is very productive all year round for those who are capable of changing tactics and methods to catch more fish.
The large Roach we introduced from Westminster Lake are doing really well and have been caught up to 2lbs. Fish very light with caster, maggot, pellet or corn, fine tackle on the pole or float work very well and an enjoyable days fishing is the result. With careful management, we are sure that the Crucians will have more chance to grow and thrive, so don’t be too surprised if some near record lumps get caught in the coming summers.

Fishing is available to residents only

Priory Pool Catches

Our little jewel of a lake