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  • Westminster Lake

    Is only for the serious specimen carp angler, at four and a half acres this is the largest of our lakes, although it has 12 spacious barked areas to fish from, we only allow a maximum of 6 anglers to fish, better for you and less pressure for the fish. The lake now holds around 100 carp between 10lbs to 34lbs, over half of these are over 20lb with 4 over 30lb, they are a good mix of common, mirror and ghost carp, these fish will continue put on weight and remain in excellent condition, thanks to the management strategy we have adopted. The margin fishing is superb, with the addition of more trees and less swims, the lake will mature even more as the fish continue to thrive.

    Dynamite baits boilies always catch loads of fish, as does pepperami, tigers, old favourites such as corn, luncheon meat and bread can out fish trendy baits on occasion. A big bucket of various bits thrown in the margins is a particular favourite. The surface fishing is great, use 8lb 10lb line and size 10-12 hooks with bread or mixers. The fishing is aimed at the specimen angler who respects their quarry and understands that every worthwhile challenge comes with the greatest reward. Fishing is for residents and members only and must be booked in advanced.

    In addition to the general fishery rules, the following also apply to Westminster lake

    1. Each angler must have a 42 inch plus specimen landing net.
    2. Each angler must have a carp cradle.
    3. Each angler must have a flat bottomed weigh sling
    4. No one under 18 is allowed to fish.
    5. Maximum 3 rods per angler.
    6. No bait boats.
    7. No more than 1 bivvy per angler.
    8. No guests to stay overnight, unless prior permission is given when booking.
    9. Anyone night fishing must arrive before dark or 7pm whichever is sooner.
    10. All vehicles parked in the Westminster car park will be locked in until 8am, the gate to the bottom car park will be locked at dusk.