Sunset Lake

Tench lovers, welcome to heaven!! Sunset lake was specifically designed to be the perfect Tench habitat, it contains Tench from 4” to 8lb. Covering two acres it has four central sunken islands approx 2 foot under the water surface, these where  planted with lilies in 2007 so are now well established and provide a great place for Tench to hang out. The fishing is great fun on rod or pole.
The margins slope gently to a depth of 5 feet, uniform all over. Float fishing worm or corn in the margins is a great approach, keep it simple for constant action, fish light and bait little and often once the fish are in front of you. Counting is the new weighing! Keep a count of your catch and see how you fare against others, can you become one of the anglers that have caught over 100 fish? With varying sizes of fish that’s easily more than 100lb. We believe that as a result of not being kept in keepnets, the fish remain in excellent condition and provide consistent great sport.

Fishing is available to residents only

Sunset Lake Catches

The perfect tench lake