Lemington Lakes – Fishery Prices & Rules


Abbey Lake, Priory Pool & Sunset Lake – Abbey Lake – 2 rods, Priory Pool – 1 rod & Sunset Lake – 1 rod
Residents only
Day Permit 8am – 1 hr before Dusk £10.00 Evening Permit 3pm – 1 hr before Dusk – £ 6.00


You must make sure you read, understand and accept our fishery rules before you purchase a fishing permit. 


  1. Barbless hooks only.
  2. Only use the mat & net we provide, we do not provide a landing net handle.
  3. No keepnets or carp sacks permitted on any of the lakes.
  4. Strictly no rods to be left unattended or in the care of another angler.
  5. No fixed rigs (any weights, feeders or floats tied permanently to the line)
  6. All fish to be returned to the swim where they were caught.
  7. Never hold a fish with a cloth or stand up and walk whilst holding a fish.
  8. Fishing from designated swims only.
  9. Do not drive on the grass.
  10. No stopping on roadways to load or unload.
  11. No fires, bbq’s or hot pots or kettles to be lit or placed on the grass.
  12. The gate code must not be given to anyone else.

The gate to the bottom car park will be locked at dusk.
Download Fishery Prices & Rules