Cotswold Lake Supplies – Fish & Plants

plants_500x332Working alongside our fishery, we operate a Cefas registered fish farm with 15 dedicated ponds and lakes in which we rear coarse fish to sell to other fisheries and private waters.

All the fish we sell are grown on site by natural methods, they are born and bred in our lakes and ponds, not in false sterile environment, so the fish we produce are hardy and more capable of withstanding the natural but competitive lake environment.  Although we specialize in breeding Tench and Pure Crucians, we also successfully produce Bream, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Gudgeon as well as pretty mirror Carp and common Carp.

We sell a variety of bare rooted aquatic plants, water lilys are sold per rhizome, marginal plants by the bag, each bag contains 30-45 mature plants, ideal for planting newly created lakes and ponds or if you have bank erosion problems, dense planting (20 plants per meter) will reduce the erosion considerably within the first year.



Marginal Plants List
Yellow Flag Iris
Variegated Reed (Cream & Green)
Carex Riparia (early black seed head turning brown in summer)
Reed Mace
Pontederia Cordata Lancifolia ( heart shaped leaves with blue flower spikes)
Common Water Plantain (oval leaves tall branches of white small flowers)
Water Lilys (White, yellow or pink)