Caravan Park Visitor Information

Lemington Lakes – Caravan Park Visitor Information


We have listed a few things below we thought it might help you to know.

PRICES: Caravan Club Site £15.00 per van per night (Open May-August)
Caravan Park £28 per van per night (Open April to September)

Caravan prices are based on 2 occupants, £2 per person will be charged for any additional occupants.
Fishing is not included. All occupants must be 12 years old or over.

PITCHES: Your pitch is available from 1pm on the day of arrival until 12 noon on the day of departure, if you would like to leave later we would charge £5, as long as your pitch is not needed, please ask Debbie or Andy.

CARS: If you have a second car it should be parked in the car park.  No vehicle movements between 11pm & 8am unless unavoidable.  Please do not drive over the verges down the drive, they are newly grass seeded, use one of the 6 passing points provided.

KEY CODE ENTRANCE GATE: We will text you the gate code before you arrive, please do not give the gate code to anyone else unless you have spoken to either myself or Andy first, the key pad will not work between midnight and 7.30am

VISITORS: Please inform us of any guests that you may have coming to visit you, there is a charge of £2 per person for non fishing guests.

WI-FI: Internet access costs 1 day £5.00, 3 day £7.50, 1 week £10, passwords can be bought from the shop.

TOILETS: We do our best to keep the toilets & showers clean and topped up, but we cannot monitor them all the time, if you find that the toilet is dirty or without toilet roll or soap, let whoever is in the shop know and they will sort it out as quickly as possible.

SHOWERS: The showers are electrically operated £1 coin machines, which you can find just outside the shower door, £1 gives you a 5 minute shower, £2 for 10 minutes, if after putting in your £1, the shower does not start automatically, press the on/off button on the shower below the temperature controls.

DISABLED TOILET & SHOWER: If the ladies or gents is occupied you can use the disabled facilities, which is just around the corner to the right of the gents.

CHEMICAL TOILET WASTE:  Please make sure you use a good quality blue chemical in your toilet cassette and when you empty the cassette, rinse away any waste properly with water, this prevents smells and blockages occurring.

REFUSE: There is a Biffa waste bin by the water taps, do not put loose rubbish in the bin, please put all your rubbish in a bin bag and tie it up securely, this keeps the bin clean and fresh. We do not have a recycle bin because the cost became prohibitive, but if you want to recycle there are recycle bins in Warner Budgens car park.

DOGS: Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times around the fishery and lakes, once you have crossed over the ditch leading up the foot path to the woodland you can let the dog off the lead if you wish.  You are welcome to walk your dogs around most of the fishery, with the exception of a couple gated areas clearly marked private no access. Please pick up any dog litter immediately tie up the bag securely and dispose of it in the general Biffa bin, if you see any dog litter that has not been picked up, please let us know so we can clear it up.

DRY STONE WALLS: We would be grateful if you would refrain from climbing over or sitting on the dry stone walls, we have had to repair some parts of walls this year after some of the topping stones had come loose.

FEEDING THE CHICKENS: Please do not feed the chickens, the dye in some baits effects their eggs and they are already cheeky enough without any encouragement, so do not leave open bait containers under your van in the caravan park, the chickens will find it. Not only that but it may also encourage vermin.

WALKING: feel free to walk around the woods and lakes, but not anywhere there’s a private no access sign or around the back of the shop where the chalet accommodation and garden is.

Please respect the peaceful atmosphere many people come here to enjoy and keep noise to a minimum.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us.

Debbie & Andy