Spring 2017

Hi there to all anglers, hope you looking forward to your fishing this year, we haven’t been resting on our laurels during the winter, as many of you know that’s when we concentrate on netting all the fishing lakes and ponds, we are very pleased to say that the fish are in excellent condition and have grown well, we have taken the majority of last years fry out of the fishing lakes and we will grow them on in our stock ponds for future stock and to sell, so if you know anyone who might be looking for some fish, pass on our details on to them.

We will not be opening until 1st of April this year, we still have some maintenance work we would like to get finished while we are closed, everything else is going to remain the same as last year, the booking system we started last year for all non resident anglers, worked well for us, it made a lot of difference to me knowing if I needed to be in the shop or not, I hope it didn’t put anyone off coming to fish here.
We’re going away for a few weeks now, but we will be back on the 27th Feb 2017.
Hope to see you soon
Debbie & Andy