Well at last it seems that the weather has finally decided to warm up, with the temperatures now increasing everything is bursting into life. The water temperature on the lake has started to rise which is now making the fish a lot more active and looking for food they will now be on a mission for the next 4/6 weeks eating as much food as possible, building up their energy and condition ready for spawning, so it’s a good time to come fishing.

As many of you already know we decided to make our fishery members only from this year, this applies only to day anglers or if you’re bivvying up on Westminster lake, if you haven’t registered already all you have to do is email Debbie with your name, address, mobile & home phone numbers and your email address  (there is no cost to be a member) she will then let you know how it all works.  If you are staying on site you don’t need to register as a member.

One of the main changes is that we now have a coded gate at the entrance, when you have booked to fish or to stay with us, we will text you the gate code a day or so before you arrive, we have also decided to now supply all anglers fishing Abbey/Sunset/Priory with unhooking mats/landing nets /weigh slings so it eliminates the issues of having to dip all your equipment before fishing the only thing you have to bring is a landing net handle.

On a frustrating note our website was hack and we had no choice but to completely rebuild the site, I’m glad to say this has now been completed, we have made quite a few changes which hopefully will make it easier to use we have also relaunched our facebook page  which will be kept up to date with catches/offers and any info we need to past on to members.  Please take a look   and like and share the page.

We have remove the Carp and some of the Tench in Priory Pool and introduced some more 1lb Crucians from Westminster lake, so far this seems to have achieved our aim of increasing the catch rate of the Crucians which was starting to become dominated by the Tench don’t forget the lovely head of roach in priory as well .

When we netted Sunset Lake over the winter the Tench looked in really good health and growing, they average 2lb but there is an increasing amount between 3/4lb and some up to 6lb plus, we also noticed that the Tench had bred last summer and there are loads of fry these will not interfere with the fishing and will be put into growing ponds next winter .

The fish in Abbey Lake seem to get better and better the head of roach is quite amazing with the average roach weighing 1lb going up to 3lb which is a real specimen for any angler, there are plenty of good size bream to target and some lovely sized perch and let’s not forget the carp these are growing with doubles showing more often along with a good head of our home grown smaller ones.

Westminster Lake was drained this year so we could finally get down to the accurate number of carp in there, we have removed all of the perch and roach (hopefully) that were left in there and we now have a head of 90 carp between 19 to 35lb, 50 of these are in the twenties and 3 are over 30lb and at least 3 more with the potential of reaching 30lb this summer, we also put in 10 home grown double between 12/18lb to grown on which makes a total head of 100 carp.

As you might be aware we operate all of our stock ponds as a cefas registered fish farm and  are now producing excess stock to our requirements if you are a club member or syndicate member and are looking to restock your waters please give us a ring for our up to date prices and availability.

Well let’s hope we have a good summer and we look forward to seeing you

Andy & Debbie